Bild 1 von Warscroll Cards: Orruk Warclans (Englisch)

Warscroll Cards: Orruk Warclans (Englisch)

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by Games Workshop

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    Releases: 18-09-2021

    Bitte beachte, dass es sich um ein Produkt in englischer Sprache handelt.

    Keep your eyes on the enemy and avoid digging through your battletome with the help of these warscroll cards, containing a handy reference for all 37 of the units found in Battletome: Orruk Warclans. You'll also get a set of 30 tokens designed to help you monitor the various effects happening on the battlefield, such as Waaagh! point totals, battle tactics, and command points.

    In this pack, you'll find:

    – 37 warscroll reference cards for all Orruk Warclans units
    – 2 double-sided token sheets to keep track of spells and effects

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