Bild 1 von Vallejo Model Color: Model Color: Wood & Leather Set (8)

Vallejo Model Color: Model Color: Wood & Leather Set (8)

Item num.: AMA_VA70182

by Acrylicos Vallejo

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    Textures of wood and leather are part of many medieval and modern miniatures, they are present in Viking shields, gun barrels, fences and structures in dioramas, as also in Leather belts, coats and garments. In this set we show a complete step by step process for achieving the different textures and tonalities of these surfaces. 

    8 Bottles of Model Color in 17 ml.
    1 Step by step instructions by Angel Giraldez

    VA123 Dark Sand (70847), VA117 Japan Uniform (70923), VA131 Orange Brown (70981), VA143 Flat Earth (70983), VA149 Chocolate Brown (70872), VA182 Woodgrain (70828), VA181 Smoke (70939), VA169 Black (70950)

    Hersteller: Acrylicos Vallejo
    Best.-Nr.: VA70182

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