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The Navigator's Guild: Tales from the New World

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by Steamforged Games

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    6 players (Windfinder, Horizon, Fathom, Wander, Azimuth, Ebb),
    Ball (Bouy), Goal Token (Helm/Compass),
    3D Terrain Piece (Desk & Spy Glass),
    Health dials for all players

    The Minor Guilds are an exciting brand-new expansion to the game of Guild Ball. In their constant arms race to have all the best players, each of the existing Guilds has allied themselves with a Minor Guild to bolster their chances of victory. Each Minor Guild plays as a standalone team, each has a Captain, a Mascot, and four other players. There is also a capacity for the Major and Minor Guilds to loan players to each other.

    The Navigators are the third of the Minor Guilds to reveal themselves, after the Ratcatchers and the Falconers. Allied with the capricious Fishermen’s Guild, the Navigator’s ability to steer themselves through hostile territory to slot home perfectly aimed goals puts these two Guilds in perfect synchronisation.


    The Navigator's Guild brings powerful new abilities and effects that all players will want to experience.
    Navigator’s Dice are an easy up-sell to anyone looking to pick up the new Guild.
    Kick About Escalation League Pack is the perfect way to build up a Guild Ball community in your store.


    The Navigator’s Guild focus on using incredibly accurate attacks and a large amount of dodge moves to steal the ball and escape with it at the same time.
    All of the Navigators can reroll missed dice when attacking and kicking, meaning that they are a lot less likely to miss when it counts.
    The Navigator’s Guild are an ideal team for any Coach that enjoys a lightning-fast goal scoring playstyle, or a Coach that doesn’t like when their dice fail them, since the Navigators can reroll theirs!


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