Stuff-a-Loons - Marker Station

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    Maker Station: WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF STUFFED BALLOONS! Stuff-A-Loons is the great and innovative way to make your own filled balloon! Celebrate the world - with specially developed balloons. Create a filled balloon for yourself or for someone else. Use the Maker Station to fill the balloon with whatever you want. Then inflate the balloon, seal it and decorate the balloon. Create a Stuff-A-Loons balloon for a special event, a birthday or holiday or just because it's fun! Box contains Maker Station, clear balloons, reusable clips and decoration. In addition to the Maker Station, there are also various refills available.

    Stuff-A-Loons ist die neue, innovative Art, Ihren eigenen befüllten Ballon zu kreieren!!! FEIERN SIE DIE WELT - mit erstaunlich, flexiblen Luftballons, die Sie aufblasen und kreativ dekorieren können.
    Beinhaltet: Maker Station, 12 Ballons und 6 wiederverwendbare Clips, 4 Ständer, 10 Mini Ballons, 2x Kringelbänder, 2x Glitzer, 2x Konfetti"

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