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Skytear Starter Box Season One - DE

Item num.: AMA_PVP19-S001-DE

by PvP Geeks

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    A Card-Driven Miniatures Game Inspired by MOBA Video Games.
    Draft your team of heroes with their unique skills and ultimate
    powers. Then, rally your minions on the side lanes of the
    battlefield to push toward the enemy Nexus and tear it to pieces.
    Unlike most miniatures games, Skytear does not have dice but
    rather Power Cards: special moves that your heroes can do anytime,
    even during your your opponent’s turn, and makes for surprising
    maneuvers and exciting matches.

    1 Rulebook
    1 Monster miniature
    8 Hero miniatures
    16 Minion miniatures
    84 Cards (two pre-set decks)
    50 Cardboard Tokens
    1 Two-sided board
    1 Plastic insert for miniatures

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