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    with Phil Yates
    The new book, Red Banner, adds a whole new aspect to the Soviet forces in Flames of War. It combines with Enemy at the Gates to allow you to build a wide variety of forces, with plenty of different play styles.

    Release 12/2018

    What's In It?
    T-34 Tank Battalion

    • The basic Soviet tank force. Lots of fast, tough, well-armed tanks, but little finesse. Being hit on Reckless 2+, you can expect lots of casualties, so swing the sledgehammer hard and fast.
    • The later model T-34 with its re-designed turret and commander’s cupola makes it faster and better at crossing obstacles. This is really great for amassing an overwhelming force and getting flank shots.You can have nothing but T-34s if you want.
    • The T-70 is cheap, but still mounts a 45mm gun and good armour.
    • The improved Valentine has a bigger turret giving it either no penalty for shooting on the move with its 2 pdr, or a powerful 6 pdr (but with no MG!)...
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