Puddles - 60ml (Acryl)

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by AK Interactive

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    Puddles – 60ml (Acryl)

    Wassereffekt - Pfützen, perfekt geeignet um kleinere stehende Gewässer auf den Bases oder Dioramenflächen zu hinterlassen, wie z.B. Pfützen, kleine Bäche, oder Brunnen.

    Puddles is a liquid crystalline product, slightly tinted specially designed to rep-
    licate small puddles and standing dirty water on your dioramas and vignettes.
    Puddles is self leveling and capable of flowing over uneven surfaces; apply
    thin layers, no more than 3 mm at a time. If depth is desired, build up thin
    layers. Its composition allows easy handling with a brush achieving a very
    realistic texture. High quality acrylic product.
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