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Paranormal Detectives • EN

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by Asmodee

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    Release : 2020/Q2

    You are a ghost, floating in the air looking at
    your own body. Avenge your death by trying
    to communicate what happened to you to
    the paranormal detectives who have a vision
    of your body!
    Do so by arranging a hangman’s knot, point
    at letters on a talking board, draw images
    by holding the hand of a detective or many
    other forms of interactions.
    Paranormal Detectives is a competitive
    deduction party game where one player
    takes on the role of a ghost and all other
    players try to be the first to figure out who
    the killer is, in addition to how, where and why they died.

    • Each detective receives an asymmetrical
    and pre-constructed set of interaction
    • Detectives can ask any open questions,
    but are limited to their interaction cards
    to receive answers.
    • Constrained interaction implies tons
    of creativity for both the ghost and
    detectives to share information among each other!

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