Neutral Texture for Rough Terrains - 250ml (Acryl)

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by AK Interactive

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    Neutral Texture for Rough Terrains – 250ml (Acryl)

    Textureffekt - Neutrale Textur für unebene Flächen, kann mit jeder beliebigen Acrylfarbe eingefärbt werden. Umso höher die Pigmentierung der Farbe, desto intensiver erscheint die Texturfarbe.

    Neutral Texture for Rough Terrain is specially designed to reproduce rough
    and rocky terrains on your dioramas and vignettes. Just add the acrylic color
    desired, mix well and apply to achieve extreme realism.
    Acrylic product for textures in dioramas. Perfect results in thin or thick layers.
    It can be diluted with water or an acrylic thinner to improve its flow.

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