Bild 1 von Necromunda: Hive War (Englisch)

Necromunda: Hive War (Englisch)

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by Games Workshop

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    The boxed set contains:

    20 plastic miniatures, each supplied with a Citadel 25mm Round Necromunda Base:
    – 10 Escher gang members
    – 10 Delaque gang members

    – An array of modular terrain
    – Double-sided gaming mat
    – All of the dice, tokens, cards, and templates needed to play

    Also included is a 104-page softback rulebook containing:
    – Background on the planet of Necromunda and its Houses
    – The rules for playing games of Necromunda
    – Multiple scenarios to play through
    – Rules for creating your own gang
    – Rules for the weapons and wargear available to gangs

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