Magic Gel for Brushes

Item num.: ABT114

by Ak-Interactive

EAN: 8436535579902

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    For precision works is necessary to keep the tip of your brushes in a perfect state. This gel is indicated to keep the tip sharp and in perfect use condition with all brushes fibers compacted and never open or deformed. With this gel you will keep your brushes always like new ones after using and cleaning them (it can be used after the application of our ABT117 Magic Potion for Brushes or any other chemical or natural cleaner).


    75 ml



    Pinselpflege Gel "für danach"
    Nachdem der Pinsel gereinigt wurde den Pinsel mit den Gel benetzten in Form bringen und trocknen lassen. Sorgt für eine länge Lebensdauer und verhindert das Ausfransen des Pinsels.

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