First to Fight

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by Histocrical Games Factory

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    After losing the September Campaign in 1939 many Polish soldiers were evacuated from the country and began a wandering life that lasted until 1945, and for many ended as late as after 1989. Poles fought on all fronts of World War 2 and significantly contributed to the victory over Nazi Germany and other countries of the Axis. Well-trained soldiers from the Polish Armed Forces in the West and the Union of Armed Struggle ? the Home Army fought Wehrmacht and its allies in every possible way, through propaganda, sabotage and open military actions. On land, seas and oceans, in the air. Now you take the roles of the members of the General Staff and command Polish troops in their fight against the Third Reich. The forces of the Axis will fall to their knees if you don?t go down before them!


    • rulebook in Polish and English
    • board
    • 54 soldier cards
    • 30 mission cards
    • 24 neutral events cards
    • victory point tokens
    • training tokens
    • concentration tokens
    • blockade tokens
    • event tokens
    • domination tokens
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