Digimon Card Game - Release Special Booster Display Ver.1.5 BT01-03 (24 Packs) - EN

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by Bandai

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    A brand-new card game featuring the famous DIGIMON series!
    Uses the simple but unique strategic game system created by renowned American game designer Ryan Miller.

    “Raising” & “Evolving” hold the keys to victory, just like the original story! Contains various types of illustrations sure to satisfy DIGIMON collectors and fans!

    Display: 24 Booster packs
    Booster Pack: 12 cards

    Total : 152 types
    12 cards per pack

    ・Common ×64
    ・Uncommon ×40
    ・Rare ×35
    ・Super Rare ×10
    ・Secret Rare ×3

    Each display contains 2 Box Topper Card Packs (3 cards)
    ・1x Tamer Card / 10 types / 1 card per pack
    ・1x Special Box Promotion Pack / 2 cards per pack

    This product contains cards from the Japanese releases BT01, BT02 and BT03 that have not been included into Vers. 1.0

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