Bild 1 von Blood Bowl Team Card Pack – Nurgle Team (Englisch)

Blood Bowl Team Card Pack – Nurgle Team (Englisch)

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    This is a pack of 43 handy reference cards for a Nurgle Blood Bowl team, along with blank cards allowing every coach to create their own players! Contained in the pack: 

    - Reference cards for Rotters, Pestigors, Bloaters and Rotspawn;
    - Reference cards for the following Star Players: Guffle Pusmaw, Lord Borak the Despoiler, Grashnak Blackhoof, Max Spleenripper, Bilerot Vomitflesh, Withergrasp Doubledrool, Lewdgrip Whiparm, Buboe Shardhorn, Tolly Glocklinger, and Morg 'N' Thorg; 
    - The following blank cards that you can use to create your own players: 8 Rotters, 5 Pestigors, 5 Bloaters, and 3 Rotspawn;
    - A team roster card, with match record on the reverse;
    - 4 Dirty Tricks cards: Public Inconvenience, Plentiful Poxes, Sweat Socks, and Suppurating Sores;
    - 3 Random Events cards: Bountiful Growth, 'Pus' The Ball, The Excitement is Contagious!;
    - The most important card: a card explaining how to use the other cards.ärt.

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