Cruel Seas Starter S

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    There was much confusion in the dogfight that was a WW2 motor torpedo boat battle. Poor visibility, gunfire, smoke and noise could overwhelm the senses of even experienced captains. In ‘Cruel Seas’, things are rather more predictable whilst ensuring the best-laid plans can go awry at the last minute…

    The Cruel Seas Starter Set contains everything you need to command your flotilla in this fast-paced 1/300th scale tabletop game.

    The Cruel Seas boxed game, ‘Strike Fast, Strike Hard!’, contains:

    • A4 softback rulebook
    • A4 quick start guide with painting guides and flags
    • 6 x Plastic Vosper Motor Torpedo Boats
    • 4 x plastic E-boats
    • 1 x set of plastic torpedo markers
    • 1 x set of plastic plume markers
    • 1 x A0 double-sided battle mat
    • 3x die-cut punchboards - double sided and full colour (islands, sandbars, rulers, mine markers, game tokens, lighthouse, aircraft, etc)
    • Ship data-cards for Vosper MTBs, E-boats and a merchant ship
    • Wake markers
    • Fleet order chits (Royal Navy and Kriegsmarine)
    • Set of game dice (D10 & D6)
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