Battletome: Skaven (Englisch)

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by Games Workshop

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    This book contains:
    - Allegiance abilities for skaven, including a variety of battle traits – 6 separate types of artefacts of power and 6 types of command traits
    - 2 spell lores – the Lore of Ruin (for use by Grey Seers) and Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism (for use by Clans Skryre Wizards)
    - 2 battleplans
    - Path to Glory rules for creating a skaven warband for Path to Glory, including Champion and Followers Rewards Tables
    - 8 warscroll battalions
    - 40 warscrolls, 3 endless spell warscrolls and a warscroll for the Gnawhole scenery piece.
    - Pitched battle profiles for all units and Endless Spells featured in this battletome

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